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0019746Arma 3Gameplaypublic2014-07-15 22:342014-08-16 16:49
Assigned ToIceman 
PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version64 bit
Product Version1.24.125.979 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
42 vote(s) 97,67%
1 vote(s) 2,33%
Summary0019746: Hold breath not working properly with new sway
DescriptionEven while prone, holding your breath only reduces the sway vertically, not horizontally. This makes it very difficult to use ranged weaponry.
Steps To ReproduceGo in the editor, spawn a rifleman, then spawn any special ammobox, grab a weapon and put an RCO or equivalent on the weapon. It's a lot worse with a high magnification like the SOS scope.
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Game VersionArma 3
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has duplicate 0019992closedIceman Problem for hold my breath when I aim 

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aronh17 (ticket author)
2014-07-15 22:47

Just a little note, this is happening while freshly spawned and laying down with no fatigue at all.
dsi24 (reporter)
2014-07-16 02:43
edited on: 2014-07-16 02:44

Note: You are just holding your breath, that is all the hold breath key does. Your arm muscles are still relaxed. To hold them steady you must move your mouse and aim the gun.

Comparing this (Not held breath) [^]

to this (Held breath) [^]

There is a massive difference, and that is without even attempting to hold your arms steady.

Snake Plissken (reporter)
2014-07-16 06:21

Is very difficult to hit a target over 700, the gun shaking as if the player suffered from Parkinson's.

I hope Bohemia adcione function bipod, and not expect the community to do this.
Ranadaine (reporter)
2014-07-16 13:39

I added absolutely related issue about it the same day. But I suppose that all that sway increase part went a bit too far (see 2nd part of update in the issue below). [^]
perteel (reporter)
2014-07-16 18:29

I agree it needs to be toned down probably by half and the holding of breath should have the same affect as it was before the patch as now the only really effective way to shoot at a distance is to go prone.

Even firing full auto unfatigued with a red dot is swaying like you're on a boat.

I also strongly agree addition of bipods should be included for long rage sniping.
Alex72 (reporter)
2014-07-16 23:53
edited on: 2014-07-16 23:54

Agreed. Hold breath is almost useless now.

We need something to counter the heavy sway and out of breath or the gameplay is out the window completely. We cant rest our weapons (soon BIS?) so having a dynamic fire fight is almost impossible. Its either lie in one position all the time and able to hit something or move and always miss your target.

I love that we have sway and fatigue, but i understand its also a bit of a bitch to get correctly (perfectly) done.

BackSH00TER (reporter)
2014-07-18 20:45

I find it almost impossible to attach any target further than 150+ meters without having to lay down. The sway is way overboard and so is the new fatigue system. Just revert back to how it was before this update.
Triada (reporter)
2014-07-24 17:57
edited on: 2014-07-24 17:58

I can't use sniper rifle now. Revert back to how it was befor 1.24 update!!!!

DomingoMontoya (reporter)
2014-08-16 16:49

You can confirm this in the virtual reality area. Get a rifle with a mildot scope [LRPS], go prone and aim at a character. The wavering of the aim is 4 mils. Hold breath and it doesn't change, except for making it worse when you hold breath too long.

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