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0002847Arma 3Animspublic2013-03-08 17:262013-03-30 10:07
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Summary0002847: Animations when switching scope mode
DescriptionI'd like to see scope in animations when transitioning between the red dot and magnified optic, also when transitioning to the red dot on the grenade launcher.
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HKFlash (reporter)
2013-03-08 19:34

Not possible until the Magnified optics get overhauled.
NordKindchen (reporter)
2013-03-08 20:05

This is definately no high priority but a nice to have.

If there are recources at the end - yes than this would be nice.

But let alone an animation for viewing through scope and having the gun shooting "from hip" (I know its allways shouldered) is good enough in the first place.

As I said - nice to have at the end of the day.
MadDogX (moderator)
2013-03-30 10:07

Higher voted issue: 0006136

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