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0000303Arma 3Ingame UIpublic2013-03-05 20:402013-08-14 00:17
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Summary0000303: Ingame UI on multimonitor setup is partially obscured by Monitor Frame
DescriptionI'm using a triple monitor setup with border correction (meaning a small portion of the rendered image isn't visible because it's obscured by the frames of the monitors). While ArmaA 3 seems to recognize this setup and places the HUD elements correctly on the central screen, it seems to assume that my central screen has a width of "Total Screen Width"/3 instead of "Total Screen Width MINUS border correction"/3
Additional InformationTotal Desktop Size: 6048x1200
Visible Screen Size: 5760x1200

Using AMD Eyefinity with Catalyst Control Center built-in border correction on a single 7970
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Attached Filespng file icon arma3 2013-08-13 17-36-43-73.png [^] (613,878 bytes) 2013-08-13 17:37
png file icon arma3 2013-08-13 17-36-50-08.png [^] (109,178 bytes) 2013-08-13 17:38

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related to 0002542reviewed Ingame and menu UI needs to be adjustable for eyefinity users 
has duplicate 0011433closed Tripple Screen adjusted bezel 
has duplicate 0004560closed user interface 

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Ringo (reporter)
2013-04-08 09:53

I got the exact same issues.
There is a way to adjust it slightly with .ini file editing, but the result never turns out perfect.

This one is identical to #issue 0002542
Gishan (reporter)
2013-08-12 19:50

same problem with Nvidia Surround with bezel correction (6050x1080).
Menu und ingame UI is off the screen so you can't see it.
Sniperwolf572 (moderator)
2013-08-12 19:56

The game now implements user customizable positions for interface elements.

Please confirm that this solves the problem as I do not have access to the multimonitor setup.
Gishan (reporter)
2013-08-13 08:24

Ingame UI can be fixed by the new layout options.

But Menu UI is still off the screen and therefore partially not usable.
I will provide screenshots later today (currently at work).
Gishan (reporter)
2013-08-13 17:39

Attached 2 screenshots that show the hidden areas (red bars).
In the main menu it is not a problem but in the editor the whole left sidebar is hidden.
Sniperwolf572 (moderator)
2013-08-14 00:17

Thanks for the images! :)

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