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0007258Arma 3AI Issuespublic2013-04-15 17:372013-06-13 11:07
ReporterMake Love Not War 
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PlatformPCOSWindows 7OS Version64 bit
Product Version0.54.103.957 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
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Summary0007258: AI will nott fire at targets over 128m
DescriptionAfter spotting an enemy soldier, the AI will now fire a quick, initial series of shots and then cease fire for targets over 128m away. As long as the target remains over 128m distant, the AI will refuse to fire at it indefinitely.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start the repro mission.
2. Note that after a few seconds AI will not fire at you unless you approach within 128m.
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Game VersionArma 3 Alpha Dev
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Make Love Not War (ticket author)
2013-04-15 21:52

Just checked and it's occuring in both Stable 0.54.103957 and Development 0.55.103960. I actually clued in on this issue after watching a couple of YT vids. Considering that some of the vids in question are more than a few days old, I think it's safe to say that we've had this problem for a few dev builds back.
EDcase (reporter)
2013-04-16 01:49

Depends on the mission. I've played a few games where AI will engage (a bit too accurately) from 300-400m
Make Love Not War (ticket author)
2013-04-16 15:51

@EDcase: Yup, the AI will still engage distant targets. The problem isn't that the AI doesn't engage; it's that after it's initial response (like I said, a series of rapid shots over 2-3 seconds), the AI is then struck dumb and refuses to continue firing at the target in question provided the target remains more than 128 metres out.
Make Love Not War (ticket author)
2013-04-24 21:20

Issue fixed in dev build version 0.55.104462 (2013/04/24). Thank you!
Christian_K (reporter)
2013-04-24 21:44

If so, then some mod/edit should mark it as resolved/feedback.
Kid18120 (reporter)
2013-04-26 17:04

/bumping so mods can close this as solved
MadDogX (moderator)
2013-06-13 11:07

Closing as fixed.

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