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0009611Arma 3Feature Requestpublic2013-06-17 18:512013-12-28 03:46
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Summary0009611: Magazine should be a proxy similar to muzzle, top, and side attachments
DescriptionIt would be nice if the magazine was a proxy in the weapon p3d. Currently, as far as I know, the magazine is "hardcoded" in the p3d and isn't changed depending on the magazine being loaded.

Since magazines in CfgMagazines have a "model" config entry, it should be possible to use that as source for the proxy, i.e. no other configuration entries would be required.

Simply add a "/a3/data_f/proxies/weapon_slots/MAGAZINE" proxy to the weapon and your done.

Additional InformationAlso see the following feature request on CIT. [^]
TagsAmmo, ammunition, Mag, Magazine, magazines, mags, proxies, proxy
Game VersionArma 3 Alpha
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Laqueesha (reporter)
2013-06-27 06:56

Upvoted, I agree. It's weird when you have an extended magazine equipped, but when you look at your weapon, it's a standard one.
CXN2615 (reporter)
2013-06-27 07:02

That's how we could have different type of magazines visully, but it there any difficulty for reload anime?
RobertHammer (reporter)
2013-09-03 10:48
edited on: 2013-09-03 13:26

This feature is needed because why i had to create new p3D of the same weapon because i want to use other magazine type? that's just silly - why not to expand the new proxy system like DayZ SA did /we dont need that complex tho but it would be better for variants/

like one of the devs said this is not hard to do

akp (reporter)
2013-12-28 03:46

Unless I'm wrong, modelspecials can't be animated. Proxy magazines would make having multiple rpg7 reskins and animated flip down sights and zeroing a possibility, not to mention making file sizes smaller.

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